A Lifelong Flame

“Many marriages built on emotional chemistry that ignore the importance of shared values do not last. After the flames of passion fade, they are left with a mate that doesn’t want what they want or value what they value.

For those who chose mates based on shared values and commitments, the chemistry is more than just a flare which quickly goes out. It is a spark which is fanned into a lifelong flame.”

– William M. Struthers, Wired for Intimacy (Downers Grove: IVP, 2009), 168,

photo: A Askew

The Decision to Marry

“The decision to marry somebody isn’t about maintaining an emotional high. It’s about making a wise decision. The wisdom of that decision is based on choosing someone to marry that you will love not only in their strengths, but you’ll be prepared to love and minister to in their weaknesses. Then, conversely, a wise decision is choosing somebody who will love you not just in the fun moments and in your strengths, but will minister to you and love you in your weakness. That’s a [wise] decision.”

– Winston Smith in a 9marks interview on Premarital Counseling, Pornography and Marriage.

photo: quan ha