In 2008 a friend and I participated in a debate over the existence of God with the Campus Activists for Atheism group at our community college. Hope you find it encouraging!

The newspaper article about the debate.

The full audio of the debate, straight through. The sound quality is not the greatest so broke up the parts of the debate and edited them to improve the sound quality.

Parts of the debate:

Introduction – By Dr. Beckstrom. He introduces the two sides and the topic.

Case For God – By Jordan and I. We present on our three points:

1. The Nonexistence of Atheists
2. Creation
3. Conscience

Case Against God – By Aaron and Chris. They present their three points:

1. Factually Disproving Christianity
2. Conceptually Disproving Christianity
3. The Necessity of Atheism, Humanism, Science and Reason

Debate – Free exchange between the sides. Covers topics like:

Validity of the Bible
Atheism as a world view
Christianity as a world view
Evidence, and lots of others!

Question and Answer Session – Both sides respond to questions like:

Why did Jesus have to die?
What about miracles?
Does prayer work?
What is faith?
What is truth?

The outline I used to speak from.

A rough transcript of what I said.


One thought on “Debate

  1. This was a wonderful and insightful debate. Both sides did very well, however I must be honest in saying that I feel that Josh and Jordan were stronger in their presentation. I saw great maturity and reasoning from the Christian perspective. I was also impressed by how Josh and Jordan handled themselves when presented with unfactual, misconstrued information. Well done fellas.

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