Learn Biblical Hebrew

Not sure about you, but if I ever endeavor to learn biblical Hebrew it is not going to be from a website named “eteacherbiblical.com”. Additionally, I would hope that whoever runs the advertising program for wherever it is that I may learn Hebrew from would realize that, in English, words like “courses,” “proficient,” “demo” and “lesson” are not supposed to be capitalized when used in the middle of a sentence.

And “eteacherbiblical.com”? For real? What the heck kind of a domain name is that?!

UPDATE: As was just pointed out to me, eteacherbiblical.com says that they are accredited by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which, I would assume, lends about as much credibility to eteacherbiblical.com as one could hope for. None the less, I still think the domain name is ridiculous.