Ode to a Beagle

100_0563I know of one who rolls in poop
Though why, I cannot say.
It seems to me vain entertain-
Ment for a summer’s day.

Though this is odd ’tis not the worst
That I have seen her do.
Believe me, or, believe me not
I’ve seen her eat it too!

Psalm 119 and Speech Therapy

“If you speed-read, all you get is, ‘Psalm 119 is about the Bible.’ But if you take it slow and live it out, you find yourself saying things like this: ‘You are good and do good.’ Or this: ‘I am Yours.’ Learning to say that out loud and mean it will change your life forever. Psalm 119 is not information about the Bible; it’s speech therapy for the inarticulate.”

– David Powlison, Suffering and Psalm 119.