How To Read Your Bible

The way Francis Chan talks about approaching the Bible in this video is incredibly helpful. I think this video could rightly be titled “The Attitude With Which You Are To Read Your Bible.”

I think this quote from the video (starting at 3:30) is absolutely fantastic:

“When we begin an argument with, ‘Well I wouldn’t believe in a God who would…’ Who would what, do something that you wouldn’t do, or think in a way that’s different from the way you think. Do you ever even consider the possibility that maybe the Creator’s sense of justice is actually more developed than yours? And that maybe His love and his mercy are perfect, and that you could be the one that is flawed? When we make statements like, ‘Well God wouldn’t do this, would He?’ do your understand that at that moment you’re actually putting God’s actions in submission to your reasoning. You’re in essence saying, ‘Well God wouldn’t think that way or act that way ’cause I wouldn’t act that way or think that way.'”

One thought on “How To Read Your Bible

  1. I’ll go half’ers with you to get this quote published on a bill board somewhere along a heavily traveled interstate…

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