David Brainerd on Preaching Christ and Him Crucified

David Brainerd concludes his journal (chronicling roughly 11 months during which God was producing a “great work” among the Indians Brainerd was evangelizing) with 4 closing observations, 2 of which I found to be particularly encouraging. We’ll look at the first today and the other later on in the week.

Like Paul, Brainerd saw first hand the power of preaching Christ and Him crucified. “First, I cannot but notice that I have in the general, ever since my first coming among these Indians in New Jersey, been favored with that assistance which to me is uncommon in preaching Christ crucified, and making Him the centre and mark to which all my discourses among them were directed… thus God was pleased to help me not to know any thing among them, save Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Thus I was enabled to show them their misery and undone state without Him, and to represent His complete fitness to redeem and save them. This was the preaching God made use of for the awakening of sinners, and the propagation of this ‘work of grace among the Indians.'” (Diary and Journal of David Brainerd, Vol. 2, pg. 159-160, 163; emphasis his)

photo: Donald Macleod

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