1 Reason for Fasting from Facebook

Inspired by my cousins successful Facebook fast during lent last year, I have decided to do the same. Actually, I’m going to try to one up him by going without any social media for lent. That means no Facebook, Twitter, blogging, or blog reading (except for maybe the Desiring God blog, ’cause that doesn’t really count…).

As justification for this fast (because it is obviously imperative that one have a justification for every fast one partakes in) I offer up one simple word: time. In a recent study pollsters determined that I spend somewhere between 15-90 minutes per day using social media. Now, all of that time is not wasted – I’ve certainly had redeeming interactions via social media; but most of it is spent simply re-reading over the 297 new posts in my Facebook news feed, which is not a good use of time.

In fasting from social media I should gain approximately 10 to 60 additional hours to apply to things like reading good books, or doing a productive physical activity (like shoveling the driveway) or, heaven forbid (!), interacting with my family members in real life.

Hopefully I haven’t ruined the spiritual significance of my fast before I’ve even begun it (Matthew 6:17-18) – but, to prevent anyone (of my 2 readers) from thinking that the silence in all of my social media outlets was due to my death, I figured that might be a risk worth taking.

Enjoy anticipating the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection! And I’ll see (or twee) you in 40 days.

photo: the collective contents of my tweets conglomerated at wordle.net

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