A Biblical Basis for Calvinism – vi: Affirmations of Belief

In view of what has been said in the previous posts, I do still believe that every individual is responsible for trusting in Jesus to save them. We do make real choices and we are responsible for those choices – the Bible clearly teaches that. While I do not understand the interplay between Divine sovereignty and human responsibility in matters of choice I do believe that God sovereignly determines everything that happens and that we will be justly held responsible for our actions (see Romans 9).

I also believe that we must evangelize, we must preach the gospel or else people will not be saved (Romans 10:13-15). Believing that God has chosen to save certain people encourages me to evangelize. Why? Because I know that I am totally incapable of persuading someone of the truth of the gospel, I simply cannot do that. But I can go out and preach the gospel in confidence, knowing that it is God who brings about the salvation of the hearers. Furthermore, knowing that God has other people all throughout the world that He has chosen to save who are not yet saved encourages me to go out to preach the gospel to those people so that they will be saved. God has chosen to use the preaching of the gospel as the means by which He saves people, so I gladly join in His work of saving lost people by preaching the gospel.

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