Jesus' Love Does Infinitely Overtop the Highest Mountains of Our Sins

Be always greatly abased for your remaining sin, and never think that you lie low enough for it, but yet don’t be at all discouraged or disheartened by it; for though we are exceeding sinful, yet we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous, the preciousness of whose blood, and the merit of whose righteousness and the greatness — of whose love and faithfulness does infinitely overtop the highest mountains of our sins.

– Jonathan Edwards, in his letter dated June 3, 1741 to Deborah Hatheway.

Oh, For More Men Like This

Occasionally there will appear on the religious scene a man whose unsatisfied spiritual longings become so big and important in his life that they crowd out every other interest. Such a man refuses to be content with the safe and conventional prayers of the frost-bound brethren who “lead in prayer” week after week and year after year in the local assemblies. His yearnings carry him away and often make something of a nuisance out of him. His puzzled fellow Christians shake their heads and look knowingly at each other. But like the blind man who cried after his sight and was rebuked by the disciples, he ‘cries the more a great deal.’ And if he has not yet met the conditions or there is something hindering the answer to his prayer, he may pray on into the late hours. Not the hour of night but the state of his heart decides the time of his visitation. For him it may well be that revival comes after midnight.

– A.W. Tozer, Born after Midnight, p. 8.