Christ: the Exegete, the Exegesis

In short, the spirit of the letter [i.e. the Bible] is Christ… Therefore, Jesus Christ brings about the unity of Scripture, because he is the endpoint and fullness of Scripture. Everything in it is related to him. In the end he is its sole object. Consequently, he is, so to speak, its whole exegesis… Scripture leads us to him, and whe we reach this end, we no longer have to look for anything beyond it… Inasmuch as he is the exegesis of Scripture, Jesus Christ is also the exegete. He is truly Scripture’s Logos, in an active as well as passive sense: ‘Christ, who alone unlocks an understanding of the Scriptures.’ It is he alone who explains it to us, and in explaining it to us, he gives us an explanation of himself.”

– Henri de Lubac, Medieval Exegesis: Volume 1: The Four Senses of Scripture, trans. Mark Sebanc (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1998), 237-238.

One thought on “Christ: the Exegete, the Exegesis

  1. Wow. Most excellent quote.

    The Adversary wants us to get into eisegesis: we are tempted to read into the text what we want it to say, including deceiving ourselves about who Christ is, and thus who the Father is.

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