The End of the JTAMLPFHMCCC: 10.27

It is my opinion that all of the missional hairs have been silenced as there has been very little tangible interaction between the community members on my chin.

Something I have noticed, much to my pleasure, is that the three-dimensionality of my facial hair is beginning to become more prominent. The hairs are not only visible, but they are becoming more and more distinguishable from my chin. This is good because it helps people to realize that the dark patch on my face is indeed hair, as opposed to dirt.

And so, a journey that began early one Sunday morning is now ending. It has been a good four weeks. At times my patience was tried by the slow rate-of-growth. But slow and steady has finally won the race (you didn’t really think that I could close this post without applying some sort of loosley related convoluted proverbial wisdom, did you?).

My thanks to you for accompanying me on this trip.

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