As you’ve probably already noticed there is a plethora of new markings on today’s picture.

One problem that I have encountered in trying to grow out a Moderately Legitimate Patch of Facial Hair on My Chinny-Chin-Chin is that while some hairs are proficient enough at increasing their stature, they are even more proficient at practicing the magical art of invisibility. That is, they come in either clear or blond. Hence the yellow oval. Hairs do grow there, but they cannot be seen from any distance greater than seven inches. As I am still an amateur at growing facial hair I was wondering, would it be in the best interest of the community of facial hairs on my chin (ny-chin-chin) to keep the clear and blond hairs (in hope that they will darken eventually) or would it be better to eradicate them for practicing their evil magical arts?

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And just in case you were wondering,that little blob in the lower left of the picture is the noggin of one of my nieces…

Next time, I’ll probably be inquiring for your opinion on what sort of shape (if any) this community of facial hairs should be wrought into. So make sure to check back in three days for the next update!

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