Marrying Early – It's a Good Thing

The cover story of this months Christianity Today was a good article by Mark Regnerus titled The Case for Early Marriage. As pointed out by Albert Mohler, in his article on marrying early, Regnerus’ main assertion is forceful and shocking, yet much needed in a society where a majority of men and women are marrying later and later. Regnerus says,

Evangelicals tend to marry slightly earlier than other Americans, but not by much. Many of them plan to marry in their mid-20s. Yet waiting for sex until then feels far too long to most of them. And I am suggesting that when people wait until their mid-to-late 20s to marry, it is unreasonable to expect them to refrain from sex. It’s battling our Creator’s reproductive designs.

You can read Dr. Regnerus’ article, Dr. Mohler’s article on the subject and listen to Dr. Mohler talk more about this issue in his recent radio program.

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