I believe I passed my first two major tests with flying colors. In fact, at the picnic more than one family member complimented me on my developing community of facial hairs. And, no one made fun of me at church.

Plus, my facial hairs are now becoming missional! That is, they are striving to be positive influences in their respective contexts. I first noticed this when I felt multiple hairs interacting with each other. They will group together, seeking to mutually encourage one another (though only a little).

Overall, I am very proud that my facial hairs are not only growing as individuals but that they are also showing an interest in the collective health and wellbeing of all the facial hairs on my chinny-chin-chin. In the future, I am excited to find out what other ways maturing facial hairs seek to interact with each other.

2 thoughts on “JTAMLPFHMCCC: 4.9

  1. I really admire your way with words. I’m speaking of your second paragraph in this post. I’d call it an extended poetic euphemism. When I was cultivating beards at the stage of growth of yours, about all I could think of (for the period of a couple of weeks after that point) was how maddeningly ITCHY they were!

    1. Thanks Dad, yeah, I was feeling inspired by some recent conversations in which emergent like language was employed, so I decided I would extend that flavor into my post.

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