I was worried that I might have to use mascara to make today’s update look different than the last one – thankfully I didn’t have to.

I saw my 10 year-old niece two days ago and she asked why I had dirt on my face… I’m not sure if that is a good thing – because it indicates that she did notice a patch of darkness on my face – or a bad thing – because she apparently was not able to see that the patch of darkness was made of hair as opposed to dirt.

Until now I have been pretty much just hanging around the house. With a family picnic today and church tomorrow that will all be changing. I realize that these will be difficult tests – going out into the world with half-baked facial hairs – and that persecution is very probable. Nonetheless, I have counted the cost and I hope to joyfully endure any ridicule that may come my way. In the next update I’ll let you know to what degree of success my facial hairs and I made it through these challenges.

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