Cultivating Christian Family

One important practice is that of family worship, devotions, or Bible study. While it is helpful for our children to be taught the Bible in Sunday school, Awana, or other similar programs, Christian parents must never abdicate or delegate to others the responsibility of teaching their children the Bible. As the head of the home, the father ought to assume responsibility for leading his children to Christ and of encouraging them on the path of Christian discipleship. This includes reading and studying Scripture together, singing and praying together, and facing challenges and adversity (as well as successes and triumphs) together as a family in a spirit of faith and trust in Christ.

– Andreas Kostenberger God, Marriage and Family (Wheaton, Il: Crossway), 171.

2 thoughts on “Cultivating Christian Family

  1. I’m just curious how you are enjoying God, Marriage and Family. Would you recommend it for the younger generations coming of age? Do you have any general thoughts on the book?

  2. I really liked God, Marriage and Family. It was a great read. I really enjoyed how vast the scope of the book was. Just about anything related to marriage and family was covered in the book, it looked into marriage in the Old and New Testaments, it looked at family in the Old and New Testaments, it touched on singleness, it discussed contraception, it went over gender roles, it discussed abortion, homosexuality and divorce, there is a section on spiritual warfare as it relates to the family. Beyond that, the bibliography and appendices were good as well. The book is a solid read, it’s a comprehensive look at all things related to family. I would definitely recommend this book; though not in any way vulgar, the chapter on contraception and artificial reproductive technologies might not be all that relevant/appropriate for a younger person – indeed, I labored through some of the more technical medical jargon in that chapter. With that in view, I highly recommend this book… and as a p.s. I decided to read this book on the basis of recommendations from Mark Driscoll, Paul Washer and Voddie Baucham.

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