Thank You Crossway! Thank You Crossway Guy! Thank You Jesus!

Two weeks ago I was able to attend Moody’s Founder’s Week Conference. At the conference different book publishers had tables set up with their books. On the last night of the conference I was on my cell phone talking with my family members about all of the books around me that were just asking to be added to my library when the representative from Crossway called me over to the table he was in charge of and gave me a free copy of John Piper’s Spectacular Sins! I thanked him and then went back to talking on my phone.

After I finished talking to my family I went over to the Baker Books table to drool over the Goatskin ESV Pitt Minion Bible that they were displaying. After drooling over that Bible for a little while I went back over to the Crossway Guy to thank him for the book. After I thanked him again he asked if I liked John Piper. As I was telling him that I am a pretty big Piper fan he began to unload four more Piper books on me! On top of Spectacular Sins he gave me Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce, A Hunger for God, Suffering and the Sovereignty of God and The Hidden Smile of God! All in all he gave me well over $50 worth of books!

So, many thanks to Crossway and to their representative who was at Founder’s Week 2009 for the free books! And thanks to the Father from whom all good gifts come (James 1:17)!

5 thoughts on “Thank You Crossway! Thank You Crossway Guy! Thank You Jesus!

  1. Justin, my apologies for posting this stumbling block… I’ll try to refrain from posting any more stumbling blocks in the future. ;)

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