Not One Congress Person Read The Trillion Dollar Bill


The final draft of the 1071 page stimulus bill was finalized last night around midnight, and then the House of Representatives voted on it today.

There are two problems with this, though (in addition to the plethora of problems with the bill itself):

1) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised the American people that she’d give us 48 hours from the time the bill was finalized until the time it was voted on to become familiar with it and let representative government run its course with relation to this bill. She came over 30 hours short of that promise. Sadly, not many people seem surprised.

2) As Congressman John Boehner passionately reveals in the video below, the short timeframe between the finalization of the bill and the vote on the bill guaranteed that NOT ONE member of Congress actually had time to read the bill before voting on it. You’d think we could expect more from the leaders of Congress who pushed this vote through so quickly, especially when we’re talking about the single greatest emergency spending bill in the history of America.

Read the whole thing.

HT: MTR via Z

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