The State of This Blog

Sorry about the recent inactivity… but hey, check it out! I have a new domain name – and hence, a new blog – This is where my blog will be hosted from now on (Lord willing). The old blog “The Good Life” will no longer be updated. If you have a link to my site it would be awful kind of you to update it with the new url. Also, if you are subscribed to the blog, don’t worry, nothing has changed, you will continue receiving updates just like usual (unless I decided to change the feed url, which may happen in the future, but if it does I’ll make sure to let you know…).

Since school and friends (believe it or not, I actually have real friends) are taking up the majority of my time, I think that a majority of the new postage will be in the form of quotes. I have to do lots of reading for my classes and with that lots of reading I have been running across great quotations, so I will be using the blogging medium to pass along those quotes which I find most helpful.

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