A Photostory of My Childhood Jobs

When I was a child, times were hard, money was sparse, and I had lots of bills to pay. Those factors combined to create the “perfect storm.” Because I needed money I worked many different jobs, just tryin’ to make ends meet. Below are a few of my favorite times of employment.

The first was fencing, and while I enjoyed it, it was awful dangerous. That combined with low pay caused me to leave.

Just when I decided I couldn’t make a life time career out of fencing I heard that Barry had retired and the Lions were looking for a replacement. So I played running back for Detroit for a season.

Though I led the NFC in rushing yards and touchdowns, I just didn’t find the personal satisfaction in football that I had when fencing. Noting that Deon Sanders and Bo Jackson played two sports, I figured I would try that out as well. After working out a good contract, I finally signed with the Mets.

Realizing I only had a few years left of being in my prime, I left sports to pursue a life long dream of mine…  putting the muscles I had built up over the years to good use, I became a strong man in a traveling circus.

After lifting many cars in the circus, I began to have a growing interest in how they were put together. This led to a temporary position at an auto repair shop where I worked on cars, bikes, and trikes.

Again feeling discontented, I sought out a position with more personal interaction (I was tired of staring at the bottom of automobiles – they weren’t as complex as I had originally thought they were). Since I had acquired my pilots license while playing for the Lions, I thought commanding a small aircraft would be a pleasurable pursuit. I took a job as a chauffeur for a family residing in Ohio. Much to my surprise, I ended up driving my little sisters around in their private jet.

This was a good choice though, since to this day it is still my main occupation.

3 thoughts on “A Photostory of My Childhood Jobs

  1. I really do wish you drove us around in a private jet because then you wouldn’t try to do donuts with the donut proof van…. but then again you might try to do loop thingies in an airplane and then our brains would black out and our bodies would be crushed because of the G forces… maybe you should just stick with Dad’s escort because you can’t do much damage in that :)

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