I Am Trying Facebook

As of a couple of days ago I created a facebook account. I know a few of my family members are on facebook, so hopefully this will provide another avenue to stay in touch with them.

I forsee two possible outcomes of my new found relationship with facebook:

  1. I may be bored with it by tomorrow, terminate my account and thus end my facebooking career.
  2. I may spend a disproportionately large amount of time facebooking, and thus end any hopes of doing anything useful with my life.

Hopefully neither of those ends will be realised…

The Reality of Abortion

Justin Taylor’s post on abortion and “single-issue voters” ends with this:

Nevertheless, the fact remains that abortion is the great moral outrage of our day–and no one, for example, in the mainstream media (or in many churches) makes a peep about the daily slaughter of the weakest members of the human race.

The following video is very painful to watch–but I believe it is necessary as a reminder that we are not discussing abstract policies and arguments but rather innocent lives being systematically killed:

The Joys of Playing For A Children's Conference

This weekend I was able to help out at my churches children’s conference by playing acoustic guitar during worship… I had a really enjoyable time. But as a result I have got some of the little kids music stuck in my head. Below are the songs that I can’t get out of my brain… and why I like each one!

Jesus In My Life – Between the super catchy chorus and the spoken word part (1:50) this song could go on forever.

On The March – The bass line is sweet! And the spoken word part (2:03) is pretty cool as well.

Chinese Christians Beaten by Police

Persecution Blog:

On October 16, Zhang Jian, the elder son of Pastor “Bike” Zhang Mingxuan, was severely beaten by Public Security Bureau (PSB) officials in Beijing, China Aid Association (CAA) reported.

Zhang Jian was at home with his mother, Xie Fenglan, when PSB officials entered their residence and secured the exits before severely beating him with iron bars for nearly half an hour. As Zhang lay bleeding profusely, his mother called the ambulance, but the receptionist told her that a higher government authority gave a directive not to dispatch an ambulance to rescue Zhang because he is related to Pastor Bike CAA reported. Xie Fenglan called her younger son, who rushed to the house and was also beaten by the same authorities. CAA added.

Click here to read the rest.