Open Air Preaching at the Oberlin College TGIF

Every Friday the students at Oberlin College get together to chill (i.e. drink, smoke, and talk) outside the library. This event is called “Thank God It’s Friday” (duh!). Jordan and I figured this would be a great place to do some open air preaching, and that is precisely what we did this evening. When we first got there we tried to draw a crowd with trivia questions but that did not work too well. Though we did get into a conversation with a girl and three of her friends. With much difficulty we were able to present the gospel to them.

Since we were not able to draw a crowd to listen to us and since individual conversations with people did not seem to be working very well (as most everyone there was consuming an alcoholic beverage… and drinking people are really hard to reason with) we both took turns getting up on the soap box… err… bathroom stool to proclaim the law and the gospel. I thought this actually worked out fairly well because the people who were around us quieted down a bit to listen while we spoke. We did this twice in two different locations… here is the audio from the first session (it’s seven minutes long): 10.10.2008 – TGIF – Open Air.

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