Sex is Fun, So Abortion is Legal

This post was so good I just had to pass it on. The thesis is right on… “the abortion debate is about sex, not abortion.

Christians in Context:

I should tell you from the start that none of the following comes from my own head. I was listening to a John MacArthur sermon on the radio one day and he made the below point that I think is darn near incontrovertible.

Here is the basic thesis: the abortion debate is about sex, not abortion. The reason that there is any question about when a fetus becomes a real human being (and thus, whether it is ok to kill it or not) is because sex is so fun. The baby is seen as an unfortunate side effect of the romping good time of copulation.

Think about it like this: if human procreation happened through, say, an adult male and adult female running a mile together while holding hands, there would be no question about whether the resulting fetus was a human 3 months into pregnancy or not. Or take it a step further and imagine that the female had to swiftly kick the male in the groin for conception to happen. If the process was no fun, the result would be no question. The abortion debate is thus not the abortion debate at all; it is the sex debate. (NB: these counter-examples are not from MacArthur!).

Click here to read the whole thing (it’s only one more short paragraph).

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