Christians Brutally Murdered in India

Mission Network News:

“It’s been one of the most difficult painful times in the history of our work.” That’s founder and president of Gospel for Asia KP Yohannan talking about brutal persecution taking place in Orissa State, India. Communists killed a Hindu radical leader, and World Hindu Council leaders are blaming Christians. Now, Yohannan says they’re on a rampage. “So far, more than 130 homes of our believers have been complete destroyed — burned down. 15 churches were destroyed. One of our churches — they bombed it. Six of our workers and believers were brutally murdered.” Yohannan calls it ‘ethnic cleansing.’ He says prayer and funding are needed to help Christians who have fled into the woods for safety. “Literally thousands of Christians are hiding and running for their lives. And, our own Bridge of Hope Centers — caring for thousands of children — are shut down in many places because of opposition.”

Click here to read more about the situation in India.

Click here to donate to the Persecution Relief Fund.

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