Indeed, Spurgeon is the Man

This afternoon I have probably typed about 7-10 e-mails to different people (which is more than I would on a usual day), and I am pretty tired from all the writing and responding (not that I don’t enjoy corresponding with family, friends et cetera).

That all being said, I now have a new appreciation for Charles Spurgeon’s writing habits/super-human capabilities. While I am tired out with sending 10 e-mails in one day (if I kept up that pace, 70 in a week), Spurgeon would sometimes write up to 500 personal letters by hand… per week. That, on top of the 1) monthly magazine he published, 2) the 140 books he wrote, and 3) the 1,437 book reviews he wrote. Wow!

This now leads me to my conclusion (or, for those of you in school, my thesis statement). I whole heartedly agree with Mark Driscoll: Spurgeon is the Man.

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