The ESV Cult

I am all about using the ESV Bible, it is my favorite translation to read and study from. But, in light of a recent post (from the ESV Bible Blog) about 5 unofficial facebook groups with a combined total of over 900 members, I am wondering if using the ESV as ones main Bible translation has become a way of entrance into what is becoming a growing cult of ESV Bible users… (a cult that I am also included in :)

Update: I should point out that this post is not meant to be mean spirited, instead, it was meant to be more of a playful jest, my goal was to use hyperbole to comment on the large amount of people who truly have been blessed through the ESV (and soon will also be blessed through the ESV Study Bible!).

3 thoughts on “The ESV Cult

  1. Unfortunately, we can turn almost anything, including many good things, into an addiction, a cult, or something which erects walls between us as Christians. Paul talks about that happening in 1 Cor., there was the Paul “cult”, the Apollos “cult”, etc. May God give us wisdom and grace and the willingness to listen to others with whom we disagree so that we might not become cultish.

    Thanks for this important post and its warning to all of us.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean, many times I catch myself wanting to pride myself on following a certain Bible teacher (which is bad); and, although we should stay away from excluding people because they don’t use our favorite Bible translation (and thus creating an actual cult), it is nice to have a common translation that many different people use and enjoy.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. I love the ESV. My favorite translation. But the potential of an ESV Cult is something we must guard ourselves against. Consider KJV-Onlyism and realize when we start bickering or being partisan over translation preference it is a slippery slope that may end up there.

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