How's Your Vision?

I had an eye appointment today. I was pondering the effects of going blind while I was waiting for the eye doctor to look at my eyes. I think going blind would stink quite a lot. As I was thinking about this I was also reflecting on having to stand before Christ at the final judgment. A lot of times I think about being judged for the sum total of my life, but today it occurred to me that the sum total of my life is made up of individual parts (duh!…. that was a new concept to me :). And what I do with my eyes is one of those parts.

Have you ever thought about being judged not only for the worthless things that you have looked at, but also for the worthy things that you have not looked at? I sure hadn’t. Perhaps that is why David said, “I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless” and “my eyes are ever toward the LORD.” (Ps. 101:3; Ps. 25:15)

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