Gems from Tozer

I recently finished reading The Root of the Righteous by A.W. Tozer. Here are some quotes from the book that I really like:

  • The fellowship of God is delightful beyond all telling.
  • No man has any right to offer advice who has not first heard God speak.
  • God will speak to the hearts of those who prepare themselves to hear.
  • Religious entertainment is in many places rapidly crowding out the serious things of God.
  • The idea that God will pardon a rebel who has not given up his rebellion is contrary both to the scriptures and to common sense.
  • Millions of professed believers talk as if He [Jesus] were real and act as if He were not.
  • It appears that too many Christians want to enjoy the thrill of feeling right but are not willing to endure the inconvenience of being right.

Perhaps I will post a few more quotes from the book tomorrow.

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