Obama's Flip-Flops

James Grant/Between Two Worlds:

Dick Morris has a recent article examining the current presidential race and why Obama has lost some ground. While some of the gain is due to McCain, Morris says that part of the slippage is Obama’s fault. In the words of Dick Morris:

Obama has carried flip-flopping to new heights. In the space of a month and a half, this candidate — who we don’t really yet know very well — reversed or sharply modified his positions on at least eight key issues:

  • After vowing to eschew private fundraising and take public financing, he has now refused public money.
  • Once he threatened to filibuster a bill to protect telephone companies from liability for their cooperation with national security wiretaps; now he has voted for the legislation.
  • Turning his back on a lifetime of support for gun control, he now recognizes a Second Amendment right to bear arms in the wake of the Supreme Court decision.
  • Formerly, he told the Israeli lobby that he favored an undivided Jerusalem. Now he says he didn’t mean it.
  • From a 100 percent pro-choice position, he now has migrated to expressing doubts about allowing partial-birth abortions.
  • For the first time, he now speaks highly of using church-based institutions to deliver public services to the poor.
  • Having based his entire campaign on withdrawal from Iraq, he now pledges to consult with the military first.
  • During the primary, he backed merit pay for teachers — but before the union a few weeks ago, he opposed it.
  • After specifically saying in the primaries that he disagreed with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) proposal to impose Social Security taxes on income over $200,000 and wanted to tax all income, he has now adopted the Clinton position.

Read the whole article here.

A Possible Change

Up till now the majority of my posts have been quotes. I have been posting quotes because writing down something someone else has already said is much easier and quicker than saying something yourself. Unfortunately, by simply posting things other people have written (or said) my own writing skill has not really benefited… So, I think am going to be posting less frequently, but with more original content. While there may still be many quotes posted I will probably post somewhat of a small exposition along with them. That way, I will be able to learn to write more clearly and concisely.

And, if you are looking for quotes, check out Reformed Voices for solid stuff.

Return From Creation Museum

Well, this weekend I was able to go visit some relatives and to go to the Creation Museum.

So, to begin, many thanks to Chris and Christa – the cool family members of mine who allowed me, my mom and dad, and my little sisters share their abode with them for the weekend… and to partake of their food, and use their cloths, and even to keep some of their cloths!

I thought that the Creation Museum was pretty cool. It is designed to take you through the 7 C’s of history: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation. There are lots of displays, screens, and models set up throughout the museum that were all pretty neat.

My second favorite part of the museum was the planetarium. There we watched a presentation on the size of the universe. While you probably don’t have a dome screen and projector with which to watch the presentation, it is available on DVD.

As for my favorite part of the Creation Museum… it was definitely the book store. The book store was particularly cool because of the selection of works by the Puritans that they had available, and the large selection of works by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. I had a difficult time determining which books I would purchase, but I finally decided on four. 1) A Puritan Golden Treasure by I.D.E. Thomas, 2) The Doctrine of Repentance by Thomas Watson, 3) The Glory of Christ by John Owen, and 4) The Art of Prophesying by William Perkins.

I can almost guarantee that there will be a mass of quotes from different Puritans in many of the upcoming posts.