The Making of a Warrior

This weekend I attended a youth conference at House of Praise International Church. Here are some memorable quotes from the sessions:

“If you didn’t have something to conquer, you wouldn’t be more than a conquerer.” – Pastor Mark Hebebrand

“Serve Christ whole-heartedly, or stay away.” – Minister Jason Howard

“Leaders need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.” – Minister Jason Howard

“God never called us to be popular or secure.” – Pastor Gilbert Silva

“God has empowered me to do what He has called me to do.” – Pastor Gilbert Silva

“God desires us to study Him.” – Max

“Man does not make peace with God, God makes peace with man.” – Max

“Blame God for everything good that happens in your life.” – Ralph Bonilla


Again, a completely stolen post (but hey, it is only 22 words).

We’re not porn-addicts; we “struggle with lust.”

We’re not arrogant; we “struggle with pride.”

With a simple cliché our sins become palatable.

– Abraham Piper…. click here for actual post.