I Just Got A New Book!!

Yeah, I am so excited! I got a new book today, Revival God’s Way, by Leonard Ravenhill. Leonard Ravenhill is probably my most favoritest preacher/minster/evangelist/revivalist of all time. I am super pumped to read this book… I’ll let you know how it goes… probably mostly via quotes from the book… ’cause Leonard Ravenhill rocks!

2 thoughts on “I Just Got A New Book!!

  1. Thanks, I really like Leonard Ravenhill a lot. I finished the book yesterday… it is an excellent book! The chapters are fairly short, but they are all really good. Also, there are quite a few really good hymns/poems written by Leonard Ravenhill and others that are included (each chapter generally ends and begins with one). I would highly recommend getting and reading this book!

    I also, visit you blog fairly frequently, keep up the good work!

    – Josh

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