Read the Bible

Two days ago I started on a plan to read though the Bible in 90 days. It is a pretty heavy schedule, requiring quite a bit of time. Surprisingly I am actually a few chapters ahead.

Anyways, this is my segway into the main point of this post, namely, why doesn’t everyone begin spend a significant amount of time getting to know God by reading His word? I mean, what could be more valuable? Hmmm… playing X-box, watching TV, listening to music, wasting time on the computer? Seriously, is there really a better way to spend ones time? I don’t think so…. and with that I leave you with a post of inspiration… a.k.a. Ray Ortlund saying what I just tried to say… except better:

I have met people who knew a lot about baseball, a lot about oldies rock and roll [oops], a lot about computers, a lot about a lot, but I have never met anyone who knew the Bible too well. Not one person. Ever. Especially not in these times….

Click here to read the rest of this post (2009 a the Year of the Bible)

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