Debate Outline

Alright, here it is, my outline that I used to speak from at the debate yesterday. It is a bit long, but, as it could potentially be of help to someone, I am posting it.

p.s. at a few points the formatting gets a bit messed up.

  1. Intro:

    1. Thanks – Aaron and Chris, for their time and work in putting this together. And Dr. Beckstrom for taking time to meet with us and to moderate this debate.

    2. Andrew Fletcher said, “the greatest question of our time is, ‘Can man live without God?’

    3. This question is important because it will greatly affect how we live.

So I would like to move on to a few introductory points and then we will begin.

      1. This issue – whether or not God exists, can be approached in many different ways

        1. One of them is through rigorous philosophical discussion

        2. This is good, but it can end up making absolutely no difference in your life.

        3. So, Jordan and I will use science and logic

        4. Also, what is more of an EXISTENCIAL argument as well

        5. To make this debate relevant to you

      2. One last INTRO comment, then we will proceed.

        1. James 4:6 in the Bible says, that God “opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

        2. We must come to this issue, in an open and humble way

        3. So, hop off your high horse and approach this topic honestly

          1. Not saying to throw your brains out

  1. Summary:

    1. Atheists don’t exist

    2. Creation clearly testifies to a Creator

    3. Conscience

  2. Body:

    1. Point #1 – Atheists don’t exist

      1. Define Atheism

        1. Two Greek words: Alpha – negative or non; and Theos – God

        2. Negative God, “There is no God”

        3. Not saying “I do not think/believe there is a God”

        4. It is affirming the nonexistence of God

          1. Logically impossible

        5. Let me explain: For me to say there is no such thing as a purple stone in all of the galaxies of the entire universe. I must know everything about the universe. Well, obviously that is impossible… basically what atheists are saying is this, they are saying, “I have infinite knowledge, to be able say to you that no one has infinite knowledge.”

        6. Ravi Zacharias says, “Atheism as a system is self defeating….Atheism as a system is self defeating.”

        7. You are Agnostic – You don’t know if there is a God

          1. It is foolish to say “I know that you can’t know”

            1. This is self defeating

I would now like to turn the floor over to Jordan, who will be presenting on our 2nd point, Creation.

1. Atheism is self defeating; 2. Creation proves that a creator exists. Now we move on to our final point, conscience.

    1. Point #3 – Conscience.

      1. God has written His law on our hearts

        1. Evidenced by our knowledge of right and wrong

        2. Conscience means “with knowledge”

          1. You have knowledge of your sin.

      2. Your conscience has been seared, or deadened.

      3. Try to awaken your conscience with the 10 Commandments

        1. 10 Commandments are like a mirror – they show us what we look like in truth

          1. One of the first things you did today was look in a mirror.

          2. Why? To see what damage had been done over the night

            1. Then you could clean yourself up

          3. This may not be a pretty sight, but bear with me

        2. I ask for your full attention as this is by far our most important

        3. Here we go:

          1. 9th Commandment – You shall not lie.

            1. Have you ever told a lie? Regardless of its color.

            2. That makes you a liar.

          2. 8th Commandment – You shall not steal.

            1. Have you ever stolen anything? Regardless of its value.

            2. Stealing is taking something that does not belong to you.

            3. That makes you a thief.

          1. 3rd Commandment – You shall not take God’s name in vain.

            1. Have you ever taken God’s name in vain?

            2. Used the name of God, who has given you life, and who is allowing you to live, have you used it as a curse word, to express disgust

            3. The Bible says God “will not hold him guiltless, who takes His name in vain.

          2. 7th Commandment – Jesus said, “You have heard it said of old, ‘you shall not commit adultery,’ but I say unto you, whoever looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

            1. Have you ever looked with lust?

              1. I have, who hasn’t?

        1. If you have broken those commandments then you are a self admitted: liar, thief, blasphemer, and an adulterer at heart

        2. If God gives you justice you will end up in hell

          1. You have broken His law, and will be punished

        3. Infinitely Holy God = infinite punishment

          1. Don’t believe me; The Bible says “All liars will have their part in the lake of fire.”

        4. You say, “I don’t believe in hell”

          1. Does not matter

          2. If I say, “I don’t believe in trucks” and I step out on the freeway, I’ll still get squished

          3. My belief does not affect reality

      1. Hopefully your conscience has been stirred by the Commandments

      2. You say, “Come on, I want real proof of God’s existence”

        1. Here it is

      3. 2000 years ago Jesus Christ came to earth – 100% God and 100% man.

      4. He lived a sinless life

      5. He was crucified

        1. Bering the punishment for your sins, and for my sins

      6. Here it is:

        1. God requires you to repent (to turn from your sin) and to put your faith, or trust in Christ to save you.

          1. If you do that, you will have the ultimate proof of God

        2. The Bible says that, “if you seek God diligently, with your whole heart, you will find Him”

        3. If you want proof of God, you must seek Him, you must seek Him

        4. Listen to this:

          1. If Jordan and I can argue you into belief in God

          2. Someone who is smarter than us will be able to argue you out of a belief in God.

          3. That is why you must act.

          4. Again, if you seek God diligently, He will make Himself known to you

            1. That is the ultimate proof of God

  1. Summary:

    1. There no such thing as an Atheist – Atheism is self defeating

    2. Creation proves that there is a creator

    3. Conscience

      1. God has written His law on your heart

      2. If you respond; seeking Him through repentance and faith, He will… He will make Himself known to you.

    4. Thank You for your attention.

8 thoughts on “Debate Outline

  1. 5 Kudos

    Good argument, I love it. I will forward your link to a few friends that will get something out of it. I would however have liked to read the other half of the debate. Would that be possible for you to publish?

    Good Job!

  2. [Atheism] is affirming the nonexistence of God… Logically impossible

    This is one of the arguments against atheism that gets right up my nose.

    For a start, affirming the nonexistence of something isn’t as logically impossible as you’re making out. For example, I could show you a desk that was empty. I could then assert that there were no apples on the desk.

    Secondly, you do make a point when you say that, since we can’t examine everything in the universe perfectly, we can’t totally deny that there might be something out there that would look like God. But that basically says that God is about as likely as spacefaring pink unicorns.

    Basically, we’ve looked at a lot of things in our local universe, and we haven’t found anything resembling hard evidence for God yet. It’s not so illogical to assert that the reason we haven’t found anything is because there’s nothing there to be found. Just like how a desk that looks like it has no apples on it does so because it doesn’t actually have any apples on it.


    ‘Creation proves that a creator exists’.

    No, it doesn’t. Creation proves that creation exists – it says nothing about a creator in and of itself. That’s where the need for hard physical evidence comes in, and we don’t have any supporting the hypothesis of a creator.

  3. Corey,

    Thanks, for the encouragement. I can’t put up the rest of the debate in text… but I do have an audio of the debate (with the dialog over the stuff that was presented and the Q&A session at the end) and I am working on making that available.

    – Josh

  4. If it is conclusively determined that something cannot be explained under the naturalistic worldview, then a supernatural entity would be neccesary as an explanation.

    For example, there would be no naturalistic explanation for finding a fossilized human skeleton next to a fossilized dinosaur skeleton. This would be conclusive proof that evolution is wrong, and that maybe genesis knew what it was on about.

  5. Howdy all,

    I posted a link to the audio of the debate, hopefully it works out well… I am also trying to get the audio on iTunes as well.

    – Josh

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