Naked At The Judgment Seat

I have been working on a piece about the Judgment Seat for a couple of days now (’cause I sure know a lot about that) and, as I don’t think I will ever be able to communicate the reality of the Judgment seat, I am posting it now, so here it is:

It’s funny how good things, such as ministry, service and ______ (fill in the blank), can become masks for people to hide behind while they are here on earth. Unfortunately these masks can be quite effective. Although we may be able to hide behind these types of activities now, there will come a day when our current masks will no longer be able to provide us with protection.

Soon we will all stand before Christ at the Judgment Seat. Except, it won’t be we, it will be me, it will be you. And not only will you be all alone, but you’ll be naked, totally exposed. Every act, word, thought, and motive will be laid bare. There will be no works to hide behind, no ministry to hide behind, no blog posts to hide behind. Nothing.

No one will be able to say, “Oh God, look at these profound truths I communicated using my blog.” Nor will anyone be able to say, “Lord, look at this great ministry I had, at my church there was the most healings, the largest congregation, and the best music.” Nope, none of this will count. When we stand naked and exposed before Christ, we will not be able to call upon any of our works to hide us.

Paul Washer said, “God is not worried about building a ministry, God is concerned about building a man.” How true this is. It amazes me how easy it is to write something, or do something that causes people to applaud, saying, “Look! What a deep thinker he is. What a dynamic speaker he can be. What a powerful writer he is.” But it is a completely different thing for a person to position themself to be a deep, dynamic, powerful tool in the Masters hands. Being totally exposed to Him and the world as the wretch they really are. Fully aware of their own wickedness yet all the while totally confident in the finished work of Christ.

We must strive to live our lives in view of the Judgment seat.

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